Here you’ll find helpful resources, links and tools that you can use to support your journey to healthier eating.  Feel free to download and print and use anything from this page!

5 Habits at a Glance – This PDF document lists the 5 Habits so you can post it to your fridge or keep somewhere that you’ll see it.  Use it as a reminder to keep working towards building these habits.

FBN 5 Habits Meal – This is the visual of what a meal based on the 5 Habits looks like.  Print and stick to your fridge for guidance when you’re putting together your next meal as you build these habits.

Protein, Carb, Fat Chart – This chart lists foods from each category, when they should be eaten and what makes a serving size.

Superfood Checklist – Use this checklist when you’re making your grocery list to choose healthy foods that will support your healthy eating habits.

Adherence Chart – The Adherence Chart will allow you to see how consistent you are with making healthy choices.  Use it for a week to see where you need to improve.  It can be eye-opening and can help you make small changes to keep moving forward towards your goals.

Diet Record – Print off the diet record to keep track of what you’re eating for three days to give yourself a true picture of your diet.  It will allow you to see what your diet looks like without relying on your memory, which can sometimes be hazy.  From there, you can decide which aspects of your diet need work.




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