Confused about nutrition?


I was too!  I understand how overwhelming it can be to sort thought all the trends, fads and advice floating around the interwebs, book stores and from well-meaning friends.

It wasn’t that long ago that I was frustrated with my inability to lose weight.  I tried several different diets, programs, cleanses and fasts trying to get rid of those pounds that had settled around by hips and thighs.  Nothing seemed to work and I ended up with a collection of useless tips and tricks.

A few years ago, I took a nutrition course that changed everything!  I became a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach and applied the PN tenets to my own life and over time, I lost the weight and have maintained it ever since!


The best part?  The nutrition program was practical, easy to follow and I didn’t count a single calorie.  No gimmicks, pricey supplements or unproven diet fads.  Whenever I feel like I’m getting off track, I just return to the simple tenets of the Precision Nutrition philosophy.

You’re here because like me, you’re searching for sound nutrition advice and I hope to clear up some confusion for you.

You’ll find quick blog posts with nutrition advice that is easy to digest, free resources to help you achieve your goals and accountability coaching if you want more help in reaching your goals.

Don’t be confused anymore. I’m so glad you’re here! Together, we can do this!

​Stay Fresh



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