Tips to Eat Healthy Restaurant Meals

You’ve been eating healthy and feeling good.  By following the 5 Habits you’ve started to trim down.  You’ve noticed that your pants are fitting better and you have more energy.

Then that friend calls and since you haven’t seen each other in a while you agree to meet for dinner at a favourite restaurant.  Could be a different scenario but the outcome is the same.  You’re leaving the cooking and cleaning to someone else ’cause you’re going out for dinner.  What now?!

You can decide that you’re going to eat whatever you want ’cause you’ve earned it or find a way to make it a healthy meal and stay the course.  Honestly, either approach works!

You’re allowed to break the rules sometimes.

A meal at a restaurant won’t derail the progress you’ve made if you’re sticking to healthy eating most of the time.  If you’re eating well consistently, then enjoy that meal as you would any other.  I would still suggest that you follow Habit 1: Eat Slowly.  This way, whether you’re eating a big plate of fresh cut fries or a pasta dish with an amazing (calorie laden) cream sauce, you’re not going to eat too much.  Restaurant portions are usually way bigger than what you’d serve yourself.   Focus on your company, the conversation and the taste and texture of your food and savour each bite and stop when you’re full.  

It’s also OK to make your meal out a healthy one.

The flip side of course is that you’re not wanting to deviate from your healthy eating.  It is possible to eat out at a restaurant and not compromise.

Stick to healthy eating by following these tips when you’re eating out.

  • Order a reasonable sized protein portion (nobody needs a 27oz steak anyway).
  • Skip the deep fried side dishes.
  • Opt for extra vegetables when possible.  Often you can order a double side of vegetables too for a little extra money.  Consider it a health tax on your meal.
  • Follow the 5 Habits.
  • Pay extra attention to your company and conversation.

Eating out at a restaurant doesn’t need to hurt your healthy eating no matter which approach you take.  It’s your day-to-day consistency that’s going to dictate whether you make any progress or not.

Stay fresh,


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