How To Avoid Halloween Candy Comas

Nothing can derail your health goals faster than having piles of sweet confections kicking around the house in preparation for trick or treaters that will be knocking on your door.  Believe me, I’ve had my own struggles with Hallowe’en in the past.  As someone with a well developed sweet tooth (just like my dad!), the bulk-sized boxes of individually wrapped chocolate bars, gummy candies or other goodies have proven difficult to resist.

Simple Strategies to Navigate Candy Landmines

Lest the siren call of candy become too much for you to bear, I’ve created some strategies to help you deal with Halloween without waking up in a candy coma or having to switch to sweat pants.

  • Don’t buy the candy too early.  Buy the candy the day before or the day of Halloween.  You might not get the selection you want but you won’t be tempted to overindulge if it hasn’t been sitting in a cupboard just waiting for a moment of weakness.   This works very well!
  • Consider giving out something other than candy.   You don’t have candy in your house to tempt you and you’re not giving out junk at the door.  Toothbrushes, pencils, recreation passes, stickers, temporary tattoos are a few options.  This might be better for folks who don’t get a huge number of kids at the door.
  • Buy candy or treats that you don’t like.  If you have a huge sweet tooth (like me, the struggle is real!) don’t buy your favourite Halloween candy to give out.  Why torture yourself?!  Instead buy treats that you are indifferent to or don’t like at all.  You’ll be far less likely to eat it!
  • Give it all away!  Don’t leave yourself with easy-to-grab candy leftovers.  You’re doing yourself a favour and that last kid at the door will be thrilled to get a few extra treats.
  • Make Halloween about the costumes, decorations, pumpkin carving and fresh fall air and less about the trick or treating and collecting a disgusting amount of candy.  Sure it’s what kids live for but you can have fun without getting sick from eating too much candy.
  • If your kids are young and you’re taking them out to trick or treat, don’t feel like you need to be out for hours to collect sickening amounts of candy.  Be reasonable, knowing that your kids will be feasting on this stuff.  So don’t give your kids too much to indulge in (and by extension yourself).

What Have You Found That Works?

Do you have strategies that you follow so that Halloween doesn’t become a complete gorge-fest? I would love to hear it!  Leave a comment and I’ll give you an Instagram shoutout on Halloween!

Stay fresh,




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