Are You Sneaking Calories?

It’s pretty easy to gloss over what you eat in a day sometimes.  Can you remember what you ate yesterday?!  If you’re not making progress with your weight loss or health goals you immediately think of a dozen reasons why.

Much of the time, the reason you’re not seeing results or that you’ve hit a plateau is that you’re sneaking in calories that you’re not aware of.  

If you haven’t been using the adherence chart to track how consistently you’re eating healthy, it could be a good time to try it out for a couple of weeks.  You can find it in the Resources sections of this website.

Alternatively, sometimes writing down what you’re eating for a few days can give you a good picture of what and how much you’re eating.  It can be easy to forget the little things that add up to extra calories that could be preventing you from making forward progress.  That late night snack or second helping at lunch that you forgot about?  That could be causing a plateau.

Sometimes it could be portion sizing that’s off.  It can take time to adjust to new portion sizes and you can eat too many calories without realizing it.

Possible that you’re snacking more on the weekends when your schedule is less structured?

These are all possibilities but instead of guessing, jot down everything that passes your lips for three days.  Include one day of the weekend and then analyze your food choices and amounts afterwards and see where you might be taking in extra calories without realizing.  You can repeat this whenever you feel you’ve stalled on your journey to your ultimate goal.

You can find this Dietary Record on the Resources page and print it off to use.

Fresh Bites Nutrition Diet Record

Check this list of foods that can easily cause weight loss plateau:

  • Dried fruit can easily equate to a lot of calories, go for fresh fruit instead.
  • Sodas, juices and other beverages will add unnecessary calories and don’t really make you feel full or satisfied.  Go for water or green tea in lieu of calorie laden drinks.
  • Nuts and seeds are healthy but a small portion can equate to a lot of calories, keep that in mind when you’re eating them.
  • Dressings and sauces can increase calories when used too liberally.  Use them moderately.
  • Snack foods are readily eaten in big quantities and can add up to hundreds of calories in a day without noticing it.  Skip them as much as possible and when you do indulge, don’t eat from the bag!

Being aware of what you’re eating and where you could be sneaking in extra (and unnecessary calories) can help you make small changes in your diet while following the 5 Habits

Stay fresh,




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