Enjoy Some Variety

We’re creatures of habit aren’t we?

We tend to eat the same things over and over and that can get boring after a while.  When you’re working to eat healthier it can be difficult to know what to eat.  Walking into the grocery store can be overwhelming!  There are a million choices to make!  If you’re attempting to switch your habits from processed foods to a diet rich in whole foods, you’ve automatically eliminated half the store items already which can simplify things.  But what then?

Enter Superfoods!

This handy chart which you’ll find over on the resources page too, will help you make some of those choices for you.  These foods are super healthy and will help you establish those habits as you put together meals every day.

Superfood Checklist

Of course once you get more comfortable eating healthier foods, branch out!  Eating a wide variety of good food across each category will not only keep your meals from being boring but will ensure that you’re getting the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body needs too.

Experiment with different foods but I’d suggest that you don’t go crazy!  If you eat always eat apples or broccoli, try grapefruit or purple cauliflower instead.  But don’t try a dozen new food items at once as they’ll be more likely to languish in the back of your fridge uneaten.  Add an item to your grocery cart that you don’t normally eat and you may be surprised how much you enjoy it or how easy it is to cook and this will help break up nutritional boredom!

Eating seasonally is also smart for a few reasons.  You’re getting foods that are at the peak of their ripeness and if you’re buying from local sources, they’ve travelled a much shorter distance.  This means that were harvested when ripe instead of ripening in the truck on the way to the store.  They’ll often not only taste better but they’ll be richer in nutrients, which is a nice bonus!

Stay fresh,







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