Drink More Water

Your next step once you’ve starting working on the 5 Habits is to keep progressing.

What about drinks?

Drink more water

This is an area that folks overcomplicate.  It’s also where people can take in far more calories than they realize.  A cup of fruit juice can have 100 calories and if you actually measure out a cup you’ll find that you can easily drink more than that.  Those calories add up really fast and they’re not going to make you feel full or satisfied like eating whole foods will.   In the case of fruit juice, they appear healthy but are stripped of the fibre and vitamins that comes from eating the fruit itself.

Begin by replacing sugary drinks with water and you’ll be meeting your hydration needs without ingesting the extra calories that will make it harder for you to reach your nutrition goals.

If you drink fruit juice, sodas, coffees and teas made with cream and sugar and sport drinks, start replacing them with water. 

Take note of how when you’re drinking these kinds of drinks and work on replacing them with water, green tea or black coffee as your beverage of choice.  If you have a real habit of drinking sugary beverages, swap them out with water here and there until you’re enjoying mostly water.

Water can seem like a boring alternative but you can make it more palatable.

Try these suggestions:

  • if you miss the fizz of your favourite soda, try sparkling mineral water
  • if you love fruit juice, swap it out for water infused with lemon, mint, cucumber, berries or another favourite
  • skip the sports drinks except during times of intense exercise and sweat in activities that last more than 2 hours
  • try to reduce the cream and sugar in your coffee over time until you can enjoy it black
  • if you’re new to green teas, be sure to following the steeping guidelines, steeped for too long, it will become bitter

Do whatever you need to do to make the water more palatable and interesting so that you’ll be more likely drink it.  This will save you from drinking calories that your body doesn’t need and it ‘s an easy way to reduce calorie intake without a big disruptive change in your daily routine.

Get into the habit of bringing a water bottle with you when you go out and set a daily water consumption goal.  Your eventual aim is to drink 8 cups of water per day and it’s ok to build up to that over time until it becomes a habit.

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