Putting The 5 Habits Together

If you’re new to healthy eating, it can be challenging to eliminate old habits and replace them with new, positive habits, even if you know you should.

Putting together a meal that will provide you with the energy, nutrients and minerals that you need to get through your day is simple by following the 5 Habits.  If you missed the discussion on the 5 Habits check out these posts:

Starting with Good Habits

Habit #1: Eat Slowly

Habit #2: Eat Protein

Habit #3: Eat Your Vegetables

Habit #4: Eat Those Carbs

Habit #5: Eat Healthy Fat

Work on these habits until they become second nature and you’ll find that without counting calories or tracking food intake with cumbersome apps, you’ll start feeling and looking better.

What does this look like though?

Let’s take a look from a visual perspective.

FBN 5 Habits Meal jpeg

When you see it this way, you have the tools to build your plate with foods that will not only be tasty and satisfying but will support your health goals.  Whether you’re aiming to lose weight or maintain your current weight, by following this simple system for eating you can control your calorie intake without concerning yourself with counting calories.  Not having to count calories will save you an immense amount of time and energy.  Have you ever fumbled with an app for your smart phone, looking up each individual ingredient for the meal you just consumed?  I’ve used many apps over the years and while some of these apps are great for short term use, for long term meal tracking they become far too time consuming.

This is where having the visual cues to follow can help!  Whether you’re looking at the plate above (which will be added to the resources page), or using your own hand as a convenient portion converter, use these cues to portion out your food and leave the calorie counting behind forever.

Stay fresh,






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