Habit #2: Eat Protein

The second habit that I’ll go into a little more detail here is to make sure you eat some protein at each meal.  Moderate protein intake will help to stimulate your metabolism, improve muscle mass and recovery and reduce overall body fat.  Sounds good right?

An easy way to ensure that you’re getting enough protein dense foods at each meal without having to measure, scale or track is to use a visual guide.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re preparing your next meal.

  • a portion of protein of 20-30g is about the size of your palm
  • women should aim for a palm sized amount of protein at mealtime
  • men should aim for two palm sized amounts

With this simple visual trick you’ll make sure you’re getting enough protein without overdoing it.

Not sure what constitutes a protein dense food?  Choose from the following list:

  • lean meats such as ground beef, chicken, turkey, bison, venison
  • fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, cod
  • eggs
  • dairy such as cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, cheese
  • beans, peas, legumes, tofu
  • protein supplements such as whey or casein protein powders or plant based powders

Picking a protein that you enjoy from this list will make it easier to add to each meal. Eggs are great because they are not only inexpensive to buy but they are quick to make when you’re in a rush.  Hard boil several eggs at a time for those times when you need some protein fast.  Fish can be fresh or frozen or canned in water for another quick, budget friendly option.  If you’re preparing lean meats, prepare extra for the following day’s lunch or dinner.

Getting a serving of healthy protein at each meal doesn’t need to be complicated.  Start working on this habit along with Habit #1: Eat Slowly and notice the subtle changes that come.

cropped-fresh-bites-only-graphic.jpgStay fresh,



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