Starting with Good Habits

Making the decision to improve your health is a great decision to make.

As we get older, it becomes much more difficult to ignore the fact that our metabolism doesn’t run as hot as it did when we’re younger.  Ask any 20 year old kid who lives on a diet of frenh fries and Kraft dinner whether they think their food choices will ever catch up with them and invariably the answer is no.  Ah, the confidence of youth!

The key to making positive changes for your health is not attempting a complete overhaul of your diet and lifestyle.  That can work for some people but it is much more difficult to maintain over the long term.   For most folks, long term, healthy changes are maintained at a higher rate of success when new habits are created, one at a time.  Baby steps.  While we all want to look and feel better now, the process doesn’t need to be stressful as this will lead you right back to where you started and that will also cause frustration.  At this point, people are more likely to give up rather than keep going!

Don’t make it harder for yourself than it needs to be!  If you have weight to lose, remember that it took you a while to gain it and healthy weight loss will also take some time.  Be kind to yourself and remember that it’s a journey and if you’re mindful and take your time, the new habits that you create will stick!

The 5 Key Habits

There are 5 key habits that, once you master them, can make a big difference in your health and yet they are simple to follow.  I’ll outline them here and then for the next 5 weeks I’ll go into a little more depth for each one.

  1. Eat slowly and stop when you’re full
  2. Eat some protein with each meal
  3. Eat vegetables at each meal
  4. Enjoy some carb dense foods with most meal, especially after exercise
  5. Eat some fat with most meal.

This may be foreign to some of you but don’t worry, I’ll distill this in the weeks to come and you can begin incorporating some simple changes, one habit at a time.

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